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There are different types of interview question:

  1.Why do you want this job questions, such as:

  “Why did you choose to work in this industry?”

  “Why are you leaving your current job?”

  “What are your key concerns about accepting a position in this company?”





  2.Questions about your last job, such as:

  “What did you learn from your last job?”

  “Tell me about your responsibilities in your last job”

  “What did you like most about your last job?





  3.Questions about you, such as:

  “What are your career goals?”

  “Do you have a role model?”

  “If you had five million dollars, how would you spend it?”





  4.Questions about your life, such as:

  “Which of your accomplishments are you most proud of?”

  “What are three key moments from the last five years and why”

  “How have your life experiences changed you?”





  5.Questions about your aptitude, such as:

  “Are you prepared torelocate?”

  “What differentiates you from other candidates for this position?”

  “Why are you right for this job?”





  6.Questions about your personal style, such as:

  “How do you motivate yourself?”

  “What is your leadership style?”

  “What do you do when you disagree with colleagues?”





  7.Questions about your aspirations, such as:

  “What position would you most want in this organisation?”

  “What would be your ideal career; if money were not an issue?”

  “What experiences are you looking for?”





  8. Questions about your weaknesses, such as:

  “Tell me about a mistake you made at work?”

  “What did you learn from this mistake?”

  “How you cope with setbacks?”





  Let’s now look at a model answer for a typical question from each section:现在让我们看看回答这些典型问题的模板:

  Type 1: “Why did you decide to seek a position in this company?”1. “为什么选择这间公司的这个职位?”

  “You are a top company and I am convinced there would be no better place to work. You provide your employees with an open working environment based on team work。”“贵公司顶尖优秀,我确信没有比这里更好的工作地点。我做这个选择,因为贵公司为员工提供开放的工作环境,重视员工间的团队合作。”

  Type 2: “Why did you leave your last job?”

  (Hint: Don’t lie and don’t speak badly of your past employer)

  “I felt there was a lack of potential for upward mobility, I needed a more challenging job”2.“为什么离开上一份工作?”



  Type 3: “How would you describe your ability to work in a team?”

  As part of my college basketball team I learned we must work together. My individual training in the gym contributed to the team’s overall success. I like a mix, with a group I get the group input, but some projects are done better if just one person is working on them”3.“团队合作中,你的能力怎么样?”


  Type 4: “What skills have you developed in your previous roles?”

  “During my internship I worked for a few days in each of the departments of a company. This gave me a great insight into management techniques and how a big organisation works”4.“在从前的工作中你在技术方面有了哪些进步?”


  Type 5: “Would you be willing to travel in this job?”

  “I understand that in order to build a good long term relationship with our customers it sometimes necessary to travel. I am more than willing to do this”5.“这份工作有出差的任务,你会乐于接受吗?”


  Type 6: “Describe your leadership skills?”

  “It is important to take everyone’s opinion into account and give them the opportunity to excel. My role, as I see it, is organise and get things in order”6.“作为领导者,你具备怎样的才能?”


  Type 7: “What suggestions do you have for our organisation?”

  “Looking at your website, and comparing it with those of your competitors, I think you should streamline the site and emphasis the recent upgrades to your products”



  Type 8: What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made?”

  “Taking for granted the huge sacrifices my parents made, so that I could succeed. I now do everything I can to make them proud of me”



  Key concerns (noun) --Most important problems or issues

  Career goals (noun) --Job objectives, what you want in the future from your work

  Role model (noun) --Someone regarded by others as a good person to follow

  Aptitude (noun)--Talent, natural ability

  Relocate (verb)--Move to a new place

  Differentiates (verb) --Marks as different

  Aspirations (noun) --Hopes, ambitions

  Cope (verb) --Deal with successfully, manage

  Setbacks (noun)--Unfortunate happenings that stop your progress, disappointments

  Open working environment (noun)--Workplace with a relaxed and easy going environment

  Upward mobility (noun) --Promotion

  Group input (noun) --Feedback and constructive comments from other team members

  Internship (noun)--Position of a student doing supervised practical training

  Excel (verb)--Do very well, be superior

  Streamline (verb)--Organise and simplify

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